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I do not believe in this “Obesity Epidemic” that the media has been forcing down our throats, padded by a large helping of shame. I do not believe that the attention that is being paid to it is really about health, I do not believe that as many people are as fat as the media implies, and I do not believe that being fat is as large of a health problem as it is made to be., and I do not believe that being fat is bad, and I am not afraid to proclaim that I am fat! I am obese. I have a BMI (body mass index) of approximately 30, and I am not ashamed.

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On the Novelty of Treating People with Respect

Dear Rude People,

Just because you see someone who deviates from the norm, even the gender norm, doesn't mean you have the right to stare. Nor does it mean they have the duty to educate you. There are plenty of resources, if you are interested in gender issues, with which to do your own research. Please do not approach my friend while we are out minding our own business and ask her what gender she is. She has breasts and is wearing woman's clothing. It's not hard to guess, and it's rude to ask. We were not talking to you. We did not make eye contact with you. We do not want to answer your questions.

If someone is obviously trying to look like a woman, and please don't quibble over what is obvious, please refer to her as a she. Even if you are sure she is a drag queen. This is only polite.

If you suspect someone is trans please don't ask invasive questions about their genitals. It's rude, and invasive.

Please don't tell me that you don't have a problem with trans people, you just wouldn't date them. I don't care, and I still think you're an ass.

Please remember, trans women are women and trans men are men. They are not shemales, or shehes, or someone pretending just to piss you off, and they are not sick in the head, and they were not necessarily abused as children.

And most importantly of all, trans people are people. People. Treat them as such.

I know gender issues can be strange and difficult to understand for the uninitiated. That doesn't change the fact that all people deserve respect, ok? Thank you.

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I went to my first ever gay pride parade today! (The one in Washington D.C.) :D It was a ton of fun, and I think everyone ever should go to at least one. It's ok if you are hetero and cis, everyone who is not a hater is welcome. Someone even gave me her number today! (Ok, ok, it was because she was an activist in my area, and I wanted to help out, BUT STILL!)

I will post some big gay pictures later.

ZOMG! Poor Rich People!

This article has me foaming. It is all about how people who make $250,000 a year are not actually well off and are actually fearing a tax increase because they are just barely making ends meet AND WHO IS THINKING OF THEM GUIS? WHO IS THINKING OF THE POOR RICH PEOPLE!?!?!?

I will be the first to admit that I know little about making ends meet, as I am just starting to ease my toe into the deep, scary waters of independent living, but I do know enough to know that if you are "barely getting by" at $400,000 a year UR DOIN IT RONG. Really guys. I grew up in an area with very high costs of living. Lots of millionaires and conspicuous consumption. My parents made a joint income of less then half of $250,000. And yet... we lived very comfortably.

How can this be guys!?! Someone who makes a measly 100K a year can afford to save up for college, take the family on yearly vacations AND pay off the mortgage on a house in a reasonable time? NO WAI!!!!! EVIL VOODOO MAGICKS!!!! That man must be a wizard with money! Wait, what? The WOMAN works!?!? The MAN takes care of the children!?! What kind of backwards moon planet are you from!?!


Kids These Days

So, there's this kid. He's 14. And the new conservative whiz kid. He's in the eighth grade, and a home schooled Christian. Right there I have some problems. Home schooling is bad, it closes a person off form society. It's not just an issue of social retardation but also that they well never meet opposing view points. How can one form opinions if one never has them tested? How can one understand social issues if one is so isolated they never meet a minority?

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Oh, Math

I have finally figured out why the fact .999... = 1 bothered me so much. I have it worked out. THIS IS SUCH A RELIEF!!!

I KNOW that there is a number that is infinitely close to zero without actually equally zero, as is demonstrated in the graph of 1/X, just as there is a number that is infinitely far away from zero. In my head I was subtracting 1 - numberinfinitelyclosetozero, which should equal .999... right? WRONG.

Infinity and a number that is infinitely close but not equal to zero are concepts. Infinity - 1 is still infinity, you can't do normal math with them and expect normal numbers to come up. .999... is not a number that is infinitely close to one without being one. It is one, because that is how the notation works. There is a number that is infinitely close to one, but is not one, I just don't know how to notate it simply.


(If you still don't believe this check out wikipedia.)

EDIT: OK! The way to notate a number that is infinitely close to zero but not actually zero is 1/∞ so if we try and say 1 - 1/∞ we have to rearrange it to say ∞/∞ - 1/∞ or (∞-1)/∞ which can't be done in normal math. If we were looking for limits we would just say one.


Last One, Promise

And then there's this. Don't ask. It amuses me. See what happens when I start going through my desktop?

The Princess and the Cow
Once upon a time there was this cow. Now this cow was not a particularly happy cow, nor was he a particularly sad cow. He was just a cow. One day a princess wandered into his field. She was lost. She said, “Oh, woe is me! I am lost! Dearest, brave and noble cow, canest thou help me?”

Now the cow was just a cow and could not help the princess, nonetheless he was pleased by her offer. He lived happily ever after. The princess, on the other hand, got lost, died, and did not live happily ever after.
The End

The Princess and the Cow: II
Once upon a time there was this cow. He was a very happy cow, because once a princess had asked him for help. This cow, so emboldened by the princess’s plea, decided to go on an adventure. The cow looked right. The cow looked left. All he saw was the field he spent his entire life in. The cow said, “Moo!”

This roughly translates too: “This is no good! I will find no adventure in the field I grew up in!”

So the cow set off. He slowly plodded to the edge of his field; there he found a fence. Once more he looked right, and then he looked left. The fence continued as far as his eye could see to the right and to the left. In fact the fence completely surrounded the field. Much dismayed the cow could think of no way around the fence. Finally the cow went to bed to deal with the problem in the morning.
To be continued…

The Princess and the Cow: III
Once upon a time there was this cow. He was a very dismayed cow, because he was trying to go on an adventure, but he could not get over the fence that surrounded the field he grew up in. As the cow stared in a dismayed way at the fence, a miracle happened! A beautiful cow fairy appeared, and with a wave of her beautiful cow wand she made the fence disappear! She said, “Moo.”

This roughly translates too: “Noble and brave cow! Be the first of your kind to go on an adventure! Be proud and save the world.”

Now, truth be told, this cow had never gone to school, and understood only so many translations for moo, but he did get the general idea of what the fairy said. The cow, thus charged, set off on his journey to figure out how the heck an uneducated cow who had never left the field he grew up in before was to save the world.
To be continued…

The Princess and the Cow: IV
Once upon a time there was this cow. He was a very perplexed cow, because a beautiful cow fairy had charged him with saving the world. The cow set off. He looked to the right. He looked to left. He looked straight ahead. He saw nothing but trees, a small pond, some ducks and a dragon. The cow had never seen a dragon before, so thus he had no idea what they were. But the cow had some idea that they were bad news. This dragon happened to be eating a hamburger. Quite outraged at the abomination he saw before him the cow exclaimed, “MOO!”

This roughly translates too: “YOU MONSTER! DROP THAT HAMBURGER THIS INSTANT!!”

The dragon heard the cow, and not understanding him, thought “Oh, goody! Another hamburger!”

The cow, so outraged, lowered his horns and charged. Luckily the cow tripped, because had the cow finished his charge he would have been either blown up, or horribly devoured and then blown up. As it was the dragon stepped and an old mine from the Vietnam War and died. The cow decided he had fulfilled the beautiful cow fairy’s directive and went back to his field where he lived happily ever after.
The End